Rob Lawrence Russo​​​​
In his teens and well into his twenties, Rob Lawrence Russo harbored doubts that he would ever be a happy, independent, financially solvent adult.  Raised by a hateful father and an infantilizing, passive-aggressive mother, Rob entered adulthood emotionally fragile, not knowing who he really was or what career path suited him.  In the drawn out process of finding himself, he has been a warehouse worker, a competitive roller skater, a grade school teacher, a singer, a retailer, an ice skating instructor, a cosmetologist, and a pediatric audiologist. Now, in his retirement years, he has turned his attention to writing an oftentimes heartbreaking memoir in which he recounts the years of struggle to reach self-acceptance and peace of mind.​

On a psychological level, Rob spent the better part of six decades coming to terms with his being homosexual in a homophobic world. Despite having a mother who once told him she would kill a son who was gay as well as enduring exposure to a lifetime of anti-gay rhetoric from religious leaders, politicians and even from some mental health professionals, Rob has not only survived, but flourished.

His story, as presented in his book "Oh, Bob!  I Thought It Was Curtains", should serve as a beacon of hope for any adult who's the product of a traumatic childhood, and it could be especially helpful for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and queer youth who are attempting to find their way.  Also, if you know or suspect you are currently raising a LGBTQ child, Rob's exquisitely personal narrative may assist you in avoiding some of the soul-murdering mistakes his parents made.
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