Rob Lawrence Russo​​​​
Rob's anxiously awaited memoir, "Oh, Bob!  I Thought It Was Curtains!" has been published. The soft cover print edition and an electronic Kindle edition are available from also carries both the print and an electronic Nook edition. Lesser known online bookstores are also sellers of Rob's memoir.

You can also purchase the print edition of the book directly from the publisher:
Cover concept for "Oh, Bob!  I Thought It Was Curtains" designed by Todd Engel
What readers are saying about "Oh, Bob! I Thought It Was Curtains!":
"Full of wisdom, wit and truth.  I have to go back and read it again."     -- Francesca Maese, New York, NY

"The author bared his soul in this endeavor and should be proud of the result.  Although this is a memoir, it is not written in chronological order, but Mr. Russo was able to successfully make it work.  I read this book in two days, a very good read!"  --  Raymond W.

"This was a fast read for me, and I found myself wanting more.  I found it (the book) to have a sort of Catcher in the Rye irreverence, with Mr. Russo an older, more worldly type character exploring the world around him, but from a gay man's viewpoint."  --  Robert Grosso

"(The author's) gift for descriptive writing left me feeling as if I personally knew his colorful family members and friends  . . .   This book is a gem for anyone, but particularly if you, or a loved one, are struggling to come to terms with who you are."  -- Bonnie Petroschuk

​Love your writing style. Feel like I am listening to an intimate conversation. Want to talk back to the book and comment!  -- Jo-Ann G., Mahwah, NJ

 "I could not put it down. So many lessons for all of us to learn. I highly recommend this book for all!"  -- Jean

"What a difficult time you must've had being raised in such homophobic towns. Thank you for sharing your experiences, as I'm sure it will help many a young person who is grappling now with the ridiculousness of societal rules of acceptance. You helped paved the way." -- Doranne S.
“I just finished your book!! Omg, I had tears and laughter at the same time while reading ... anyone born in the 40’s, 50’s or 60’s can certainly relate to this book . . . a must read for parents .... absolutely wonderful and poignant ... I could not put it down ...”  -- Eric C., Mexico

​"Rob has created well-written, sad, funny, entertaining, moving vignettes about his years as a gay child/man in an Italian family. It's a great read at a time when it is more important than ever to try to understand and embrace diversity. Rob has struggled but ultimately done well in life and has arrived adequately intact in a good place. The book brings to mind that we are all not so different, and want to be loved, recognized, accepted and live a meaningful, connected life. An easy, enjoyable read but with a deep message to all."  -- Janice Walker

Rob Lawrence Russo at a pre-publication book signing in June of 2017.
Important update: As of April, 2019, Rob is undertaking the editing and expanding of "Oh, Bob! I Thought It Was Curtains!". It is hoped that the second edition of ​his revamped memoir will be available sometime in early 2020.

Rob has also started work on a new book with the working title "Catholic Patron Saints You Should Know . . . Just In Case!"  This will be a humorous take on some of the more outrageous personalities that populate the Catholic patron saint pantheon.